Ventum Australia: Kitesurfing for the PEOPLE ✌

Ventum Kiteboarding Australia

Ventum Kiteboarding Australia.

Welcome to Ventum Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing for the PEOPLE ✌

We're super stoked to announce we are the Australian agents for VENTUM KITEBOARDING.

A Dutch kitesurfing brand with over 10 years of experience in Kitesurfing kite design and manufacturing and now available directly here in Australia!

At Ventum we are committed to affordable real-world prices, combined with quality materials and high-end manufacturing techniques, to bring you the PEOPLE, amazing kitesurfing gear with quality and performance unmatched at these prices.

Some people would say these kites and kitesurfing products are  " Cheap " but the ideal of cheap, simply melts away when you look at the quality of materials and the attention to detail in the design and manufacturing of the Ventum kitesurfing range.

When you feel how well these products work and the joy you get from using them, the fact that you paid almost half the price of other leading brand just leaves you with a coy little smile in the corner of your mouth.

People ask, how can Ventum do it?
Deliver such great products at so little cost?
The answer is simple ... scale.
Ventum Kiteboarding is a work of passion, the owner is the Designer, the Production Manager, the Marketing Department, the Head of Distribution and Head of the Testing Department.
As such he has his fingers on every stage of the process from the initial spark of a product design until it arrives at your door, ready to hit the water.
This means, Ventum has none of the overheads of the larger companies and the saving is passed directly to you, the Kiter.

We look forward to counting you a VALUED MEMBER OF THE VENTUM KITESURFING TRIBE , and many years of using these incredible products at amazing prices and bringing that NEW KITE feeling to the PEOPLE ✌

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